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Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s First Friday programming continues to bring diverse contemporary arts practices to the Tulsa Arts District. The night begins at Archer with sneak peeks of “Denim Doves” courtesy of returning alum Adrienne Dawes and ends with a live performance/DJ session by Tulsa Artist Fellow Kalup Linzy with visiting guest Jiillionaire. Find those details and everything in between below.


Join us for open studios! Artistic disciplines include photography, poetry, painting, sculpture, graphic novels, multimedia and more.

Image credit: Denim Doves – Sacred Fools Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 2018. 
Photo by Jessica Sherman

DENIM DOVES PREVIEW // 6-9PM: Join us to celebrate Tulsa’s theatre scene and the return of Tulsa Artist Fellow Alum Adrienne Dawes (Heckle Her) in preparation for her upcoming play “Denim Doves” presented by American Theatre Company. Programming will include interactive “Wife Stations” and a performance of the first scene and song from “Denim Doves.”  

_NEIGHBORS_ // 6-9PM: Tulsa Artist Fellows Anita Fields and Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán will be collaborating on the first iteration of _Neighbors_ . The experience will include the Fellows artistically dialoguing with one another over the course of the evening, continually creating work in conversation with, and in response to, what their neighbor across the hallway has just gifted. This is in response to the sharing of weekly, often daily, exchange giving insight into the simple and profound ways we humans can enjoy, influence, and riff off of one another. Visual, written, acoustic, and performative, the program will share what it means to be artists in a community—downright neighborly.


WORK FLOW // 6-9PM: The exhibition Work Flow at the Cameron Project Space brings together three separate installations which offer surreal renegotiations of otherwise imposing architectural order and traditions. A video work by New York-based architect and designer Tim McDonough navigates us through a digitally rendered, architectural dreamscape while an installation of generic office plants by New York-based artists and educators Sandra Erbacher and Eddie Villanueva translate bio data into an unlikely soundscape. Finally, work by current Tulsa Artist Fellow Richard Zimmerman engages with the architecture of the gallery itself to create a new, site specific work. Work Flow is organized and curated by current Tulsa Artist Fellow Shane Darwent who will create a parallel zine that acts as a catalogue for the exhibition.

CAMERON READING ROOM LAUNCH // 9PM: View publications featuring works by Tulsa Artist Fellows.

ALEKS SLOTA PERFORMANCE // 9:15PM : Leading up to Tulsa Noisefest, Tulsa Artist Fellow Nathan Young has curated a night of experimental music featuring Aleks Slota.

PERFORMANCE BY JILLIONAIRE + TULSA ARTIST FELLOW KALUP LINZY // 10:30PM: Visiting Artist Jillionaire will join Tulsa Artist Fellow Kalup Linzy for a performance + DJ session. Capacity is limited.

First Fridays at Tulsa Artist Fellowship studios are free and open to the public. We welcome people with disabilities. For questions about accessibility or to request an accommodation, please email or call 918.591.2461. Requests should be made at least one week prior to the event. With the belief that arts are critical to the advancement of cultural citizenship, Tulsa Artist Fellowship supports both local and national artists while enriching the Tulsa community. Tulsa Artist Fellowship is a George Kaiser Family Foundation initiative.


Don’t miss this (danceable) collaborative musical and visual performance between electronic music group Beta Betamax, film composer Rafaël Leloup and Tulsa Artist Fellow Joel Daniel Phillips examining the impacts of the early oil industry in Los Angeles. Performances are at 7 & 8PM.


Tulsa Artist Fellows Moheb Soliman and Lucas Wrench (Friday, April 5 at 6:30PM) are performing within New Genre Arts Festival at Living Arts. New Genre Arts Festival is features three local installation artists, seven performances by local, regional, and national artists, a video lab featuring five video artworks curated by Boston-based curator Maggie Cavallo/CASTLEDRONE; and a Living Arts archive installation. Find out more here.

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