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Work by Megan Mosholder

There are multiple opportunities to view works by Tulsa Artist Fellows at this month’s First Friday Art Crawl in the Tulsa Arts District. As always, the TAF Refinery, both alley and second floor, are open to the public with open studios. Visiting artist Katherine Liberovskaya will present her work, “NoiseBreeze,” at the TAF Refinery (second floor). Hosted by TAF Fellow Nathan Young and in conjunction with an on-going Tulsa Noise Series, this is an opportunity to learn more about early multi-media art, its origins and concepts.

Alley open studio opportunities include Adam Carnes, Codak Smith and a ceramics presentation by Rafael Corzo. Additionally, Tulsa Artist Fellows Emily Chase, Tali Weinberg, Rena Detrixhe and Megan Mosholder will present openings at various locations throughout the Tulsa Arts District. Find more details below.

“Variations on the Theme of Loss: Emily Chase and Tali Weinberg” 


“Variations on the Theme of Loss” brings together two Tulsa Artist Fellows who use fiber processes to explore complex and varied experiences of loss, from the most deeply personal to the social and global.
Emily Chase uses paper as a medium to create sculptural objects. Her intricate paper garments explore ideas about the growth and disintegration of memory and identity, creating narratives both fantastical and grounded in truth.
Tali Weinberg takes on loss at a global level, grappling with our material and affective experiences of climate change. Her weaving draws on the intimacy, sociality and science of textiles, to reveal interconnections— between multiple forms of knowledge and between corporeal and ecological bodies.

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“Red Dirt Rug” by Rena Detrixhe

Philbrook Downtown

Rena Detrixhe composes her installation using Oklahoma red dirt, in deference to the land and the people who live on it. To make her “red dirt rug,” Detrixhe processes locally sourced soil into a fine powder. After spreading it in an even layer across the floor, she goes section by section, pressing a pre-determined design into the smooth surface of the dirt using found shoe soles to create intricate patterns.

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“Impasse” by Megan Mosholder

Living Arts Tulsa

“Impasse” is a new mixed media installation incorporating light, sheer fabric and iridescent thread that will divide the physical space of the Living Arts Gallery. Mosholder will draw attention to current physical drawings already “on display” in the gallery space. These drawings will be emphasized through a variety of sculptural mediums, site-specific artworks built with the intention of slowing the viewer down so that they can appreciate the space for what it was, what it is, and what it can be.

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