Works by Tulsa Artist Fellow Eric Sall and Nathan Young. Photo Credit: Shane Darwent

For the first time ever, the TAF Refinery walls have been curated by a Tulsa Artist Fellow. Shane Darwent, a 2018 Tulsa Artist Fellow, has filled what once were blank walls with an exhibition titled FELLOW. With over 25 artists’ works on display, FELLOW showcases the breadth of the the fellowship community and the visual experimentation enabled by the opportunity of time and space.

“For some, being a Tulsa Fellow has meant uncovering the charged historical landscape of a complicated American city,” said Darwent. “For others, it has been an opportunity to transport a new audience into visually rich worlds.  For all of us – fellow or partner, Oklahoman or transplant, the Tulsa Artist Fellowship has offered a chance to delve deeper into our own creative practice in search of new works that celebrate, criticize, or examine the privileges and responsibilities of an artist.”

Exhibiting artists include: Cynthia Brown, Crystal Z Campbell, Adam Carnes, Emily Chase, Rafael Corzo, Shane Darwent, Jennifer Hope Davy, Rena Detrixhe, Carrie Dickason, Anita Fields, Yatika Fields, Heyd Fontenot, Elisa Harkins, Christine Hostetler, Akiko Jackson, Walt Kosty, Monty Little, Joel Daniel Phillips, Eric Sall, Elspeth Schulze, Codak Smith, Moheb Soliman, Tali Weinberg, Jave Yoshimoto and Nathan Young.

Elisa Harkins performing. Photo courtesy of the artist.

The TAF Refinery doors will be open to the public on Friday, May 4 from 6 to 9 p.m. FELLOW will be on view, along with open studios and a ceramics demonstration by Tulsa Artist Fellow Rafael Corzo. Additionally, Tulsa Artist Fellow Elisa Harkins will perform Wampum at 8 p.m. Wampum is an Indigenous electronic music performance that has taken inspiration from Native American sheet music from the 1800’s and re-arranged it into dance music.

At the TAF Cameron Studios, Tulsa Artist Fellow Nathan Young is co-hosting Tulsa Noisefest on both Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5, with a variety of performances happening from 5 p.m. to midnight. All events are free and open to the public. Find out more here.

TULSA NOISEFEST from Nathan Young Projects on Vimeo.

Additional opportunities to view works by Tulsa Artist Fellows at this month’s First Friday Art Crawl in the Tulsa Arts District include:

Works by Emily Chase and Tali Weinberg at 108|Contemporary. Photo credit: Emily Chase

Variations on the Theme of Loss: Emily Chase and Tali Weinberg 


Variations on the Theme of Loss brings together two Tulsa Artist Fellows who use fiber processes to explore complex and varied experiences of loss, from the most deeply personal to the social and global.
Emily Chase uses paper as a medium to create sculptural objects. Her intricate paper garments explore ideas about the growth and disintegration of memory and identity, creating narratives both fantastical and grounded in truth.
Tali Weinberg takes on loss at a global level, grappling with our material and affective experiences of climate change. Her weaving draws on the intimacy, sociality and science of textiles, to reveal interconnections— between multiple forms of knowledge and between corporeal and ecological bodies.

Find out more here.

Red Dirt Rug by Rena Detrixhe

Philbrook Downtown

Rena Detrixhe composes her installation using Oklahoma red dirt, in deference to the land and the people who live on it. To make her Red Dirt Rug, Detrixhe processes locally sourced soil into a fine powder. After spreading it in an even layer across the floor, she goes section by section, pressing a pre-determined design into the smooth surface of the dirt using found shoe soles to create intricate patterns.

Find out more here.

Land Sc(r)aping: Developement, Community, & Affect

Living Arts Tulsa 

Land-Sc(r)aping: Development, Community, Affect is a group exhibition that examines the concept of “environment” as an interstice between U.S. politics, economy, land ownership, materiality, and its communal and individuated impacts. Tulsa Artist Fellow Tali Weinberg is participating in this group exhibition along with Bill White, Aaron Stephan, Ellen Mueller, Seann Starowitz, Valery Lyman, Nick Pena, Caitlin Horsmon and Blights Out!

Find out more here.

ABOUT TAF: The Tulsa Artist Fellowship provides visual and literary artists with the time and space to create.

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