Eric Sall

Eric Sall – Roswell, NM Eric Sall is a painter influenced by various forms and modes of abstraction. The recipient of multiple grants, awards and residencies, he recently completed a major [...]

Molly Dilworth

Molly Dilworth – Brooklyn, NY Molly Dilworth is an artist who views creative practice as a form of research. Using data from a specific site as a structure, she gives form to things that [...]

Clarissa Rizal

Photo Credit: Jeremy Charles Clarissa Rizal – Juneau, AK Clarissa Rizal is a full-time multi-media artist, instructor, cultural facilitator and lecturer. As owner of Clarissa Rizal, LLC, [...]

Nathan Young

Photo Credit: Jeremy Charles Nathan Young – Tulsa, OK Nathan Young is an American Indian conceptual artist who works across multiple mediums including sound, composition, video, performance [...]

Crystal Z Campbell

Photo Credit: Jeremy Charles Crystal Z Campbell – Oklahoma City, OK Crystal Z Campbell is a US artist of African-American, Filipino and Chinese descents, raised in Oklahoma. Campbell’s work [...]

Rena Detrixhe

Photo Credit: Jeremy Charles Rena Detrixhe – Kansas City, MO Rena Detrixhe received her BFA in Expanded Media from the University of Kansas in 2013. Her contemplative work combines [...]

Nick Vaughan

Photo Credit: Jeremy Charles Nick Vaughan – Brooklyn, NY Nick Vaughan brings a different dynamic of artistry to the class with an extensive background in scenography for opera, dance and [...]

Monty Little

Photo Credit: Jeremy Charles Monty Little – Santa Fe, NM After five semesters studying Architecture at Arizona State University, Monty Little enlisted in the Marine Corps as a Rifleman in [...]

Chris Ramsay

Photo Credit: Jeremy Charles Chris Ramsay – Stillwater, OK Chris Ramsay has been teaching metals and jewelry courses at Oklahoma State University since 1990 and served as the Head of the [...]

Gary Kachadourian

Photo Credit: Jeremy Charles Gary Kachadourian – Baltimore, MD Gary Kachadourian is from Baltimore, Maryland.  His recent work is drawing based and is designed to be copied, shown, and/or [...]

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