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Image credit: Denim Doves – Sacred Fools Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 2018.
Photo by Jessica Sherman

American Theatre Company continues to present great stories well told with their latest production of “Denim Doves,” an original play written by 2017-2018 Tulsa Artist Fellow Adrienne Dawes.  “Denim Doves,” a dark satire comedy of a dystopian future where women lack essential freedoms, is being adapted by the playwright exclusively for the Tulsa performances.  Tickets are available for the APRIL 12-20, 2019 performances at the Studio 308 box office (918) 747-9494. 

“We are proud to continue our tradition of highlighting the work of playwrights who are involved in the Tulsa community,” said ATC Board President Jerry Nutt.   “’This production features a great cast taking on some controversial and provocative issues which are at the forefront of today’s society.” 

“’Denim Doves’ is an expertly crafted and detailed play,” said “Denim Doves” director Carly Conklin. “Adrienne Dawes has created a unique world full of hilarious and haunting imagery that straddles the line between the disturbing reality of a future in which women have no power and the ridiculous absurdity of men who have too much.”  

Dawes has said that Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Suzette Haden Elgin’s “Native Tongue” – both feminist science fiction novels of dystopian anti-women future worlds – served as creative launching points for “Denim Doves.”  

“Denim Doves” revolves around a modest compound which is home to five Sister Wives and their reluctant Husband.  While the Wives enjoy many freedoms, they have one simple and sacred task: a wife must produce the next heir, or they all risk being cut from the symbolic braid that weaves the Sister Wives together.  The one Husband and his five Sister Wives have a pretty good thing going, until a Sixth Wife appears and throws the whole system out of whack.  What follows is a series of discoveries about resistance, rebellion – and who really has the power.  

“Denim Doves” stars Kathleen Hope as First Wife, Kathryn Hartney as Second Wife, Jennifer Thomas as Third Wife, Kara Bellavia as Fourth Wife, Phena Hackett as Fifth Wife, Anna Bennett as Sixth Wife, Milena Hope as Joan/Interpreter #1, Sean Rooney as Prophet/Interpreter #2, Thomas Hunt as Husband and Nick Lutke as First Son.   

“Denim Doves” is directed by Carly Conklin.  Music is by Erik Secrest with lyrics by Cyndi Williams.  Music is directed by Karlena Riggs.  “Denim Doves” is written by Adrienne Dawes.  

In preparation for “Denim Doves” Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s Archer Studios will be filled with theatre-based programming including “Denim Doves” previews. Find out more here and join in!

CONTENT WARNING:  This play contains strong language, adult situations and sexual content presented in humorous form.  It is intended only for mature audiences.     

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