Tulsa Artist Fellows Provide Students with Hands-On Experience

Beyond the open studios and exhibitions that Tulsa Artist Fellows participate in to enhance the Tulsa arts scene, multiple fellows have provided academic assistance as visiting/adjunct professors at local universities. Both the fellows and the students are benefitting from these partnerships.

With previous teaching experience to pull from, Visual Arts Fellow and TU Adjunct Professor Megan Mosholder took the leap back into teaching during the fall semester at the University of Tulsa. Professor Mosholder is finding stability in the structure that an academic calendar brings.

“My invitation to teach at the University of Tulsa was a true serendipitous occasion,” said Mosholder. “For me, teaching is mutually beneficial: ideally, the students are getting as much out of the class as I am. Simply preparing for class helps me to have new thoughts and ideas or revisit old ones. My class prep ultimately leads to meaningful discussions in the classroom, therefore, ensuring that the students are directly engaging with the syllabus material. I always leave class with a renewed sense of what I myself am trying to accomplish as an artist. For this and many other reasons, I am very grateful to both TU and my students for this teaching opportunity.”

TU Photography student Chuyi Wen appreciates the real world insight and hands-on experience that having a working artist as a professor brings to the classroom.

“Having a working artist fellow as an instructor gives us a unique insight into the professional life of an artist, while also helping to connect us with the opportunities and challenges a working artist faces,” said Wen. “In the classroom this translates to high expectations and a desire for continuous improvement both academically and professionally. In addition to a highly motivated and energetic environment we get valuable mentoring on navigating the art world, interacting with clients, setting goals, and expanding our artistic reach.”

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