Cosmic Veils by Sarah Ahmad

This exhibition was on view at the Alexandre Hogue Gallery, University of Tulsa in 2020

Cosmic Veils unifies a number of strands that form recurring themes in my work: notions of veiling; destruction and resurrection; and the universal forms that emerge in art & the natural world. A site-specific installation inspired by the Western Veil of the Veil Nebula—a glowing haze comprising remnants of the violent death of a star twenty times larger than the sun—Cosmic Veils invites us to consider that the aftermath of the massive destruction can offer something beautiful and unique. I compose aesthetic sanctuaries, collective retreats from the anxieties and upheavals of life, sites for wonder, meditation, and peace. Cosmic Veils seeks to recreate an otherworldly space, one where time stands still and the viewer is bathed in patterns of light & immersed in rhythms of creation.