Installation and Sculpture



Andy Arkley is a visual artist, designer, musician, animator and technologist who often combines these disciplines in his work. He strives to make work that fosters inclusion, positivity and elation. Some of his work combines sculpture, light, music, animation and interactivity, while other projects are static installations. His interactive pieces encourage creative collaboration between strangers, while his static installations use brightly colored, simple forms that are meant to invoke a sense of joy about being alive. His work has been commissioned by the Bellevue Arts Museum, the wndr museum in Chicago, MadArt Studio, Bumbershoot and Pictoplasma. He has a BA from The Evergreen State College where he studied animation and electronic music. He is a member of the sound collage band, The Bran Flakes, producing 6 full-length albums since 1999. He currently has two collaborative interactive installations at AHHA Tulsa and the Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City.