Contemporary Muralist and Multidisciplinary



Ideals of composition, views of passing time, theories of destruction & rebirth, juxtapositions of color as emotion, mediums as a means of communication and excavating cultural identity. First touched earth in Oklahoma. Experienced life in many cities along the west coast. Currently an artist in residence with the Tulsa Artist Fellowship in Tulsa, OK. From a family background in architecture and interior design, Adam Smith/Codak developed a fascination with "line" - its quality, ambiguity, and emotion. From early experiences of doodling his favorite comic book characters and falling off his skateboard and riding the bus, Codak would find himself drawn to graffiti and its artistic interaction with the urban landscape. Exposure to a book called Spraycan Art (Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff, 1987) and a group of artists from Los Angeles, Codak was set on the path that got him where he is today. Codak’s work is defined by an acute sense of how to utilize space and composition in an organic fashion. The artist utilizes a constructed approach within a mixed media base when working abstractly or with subject matter. Layers represent the passing of time and various emotional contexts. Mixed use of materials adds to the works depth and the artist’s ability to adapt to the confines of different mediums. The process of creating for the artist is a highly personal and transient meditative experience. Quite correctly, Codak is either exercising his demons or expressing his joy as well as his contempt through his work. The experience of beginning with no set end in sight is vital to the freedom found in the work. Very accurately initiating in the chaos of the unknown and ending in the security of the structured and defined. He creates harmonious clashes with graphic design, painting and street art. Though he is most known and respected in the world of “street art,” his work spans across fields, as he pulls from his childhood exposure to architecture, modern art, and interior design, as well as his studies in graphic design. Because of this, his work becomes relatable on multiple levels. In the last several years, amidst his constant evolution as an artist, his ability to incorporate these different influences into a cohesive whole has become more relevant and also as of 2019 Codak has also been an active Tattooer since 2011, integrating his own form of abstract line work directly related to his signature style of artwork, illustration & design. His clientele base now spreads from Los Angeles to Italy. During his time as a Tulsa Artist Fellow the work has expanded integrating more uses of image-based abstraction, large culturally relevant public mural works and experiments with sculptural, experiential work and now is c0-owner of a tattoo shop called Ritual Electric in Tulsa, OK. Codak’s resume continues to expand as he works with clients such as COTPA (Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority), TYPROS (Tulsa Young Professionals), VIAO Computers, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Bull, NOKIA, The Sanrio Corporation (Hello Kitty) and many others, as well as showing his work all over the world from the major cities in the United States to Montreal, Ireland, London, and Slovakia. Cans have been emptied, paint brushes have been abused, markers overfilled, pencils broken, buff paint spilled, computer screens burned out, hard drives fried....... and still in hot pursuit of progression.