Fabric Artist



Molly Murphy Adams is an exhibiting artist specializing in contemporary sculptural beadwork. Murphy Adams was raised in western Montana and earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts from The University of Montana in 2004. Murphy Adams’ work illustrates the blending of culture, identity, and histories. Murphy freely borrows from multiple disciplines to create fiber arts pieces reflecting her diverse backgrounds and traditions. My beadwork serves as a cultural narrative, an expression of personal experience, and an exploration of form and function. I choose to use wool and beads as a way to connect with tribal art forms from antiquity while embracing the reality of mixed heritages. My designs originate from older, more traditional sources while the materials reflect the effect trade goods had on aesthetic and fashion. These physical elements create a specific textural and tactile experience necessary to tell my stories. The liberties I take with materials, line quality, and design elements reflect my interest in contemporary art and the development of abstraction in the Western art tradition. I use the visual language of color and shape to articulate new observations on politics, history, and identity.